Easier said than done? Yes! But so rewarding if we can follow that simple saying.
As when we meet life with resistance we only create friction within ourselves. The resistance itself does not actually change the situation and neither the outcome. All it does is bringing contraction.

Yet when we can allow and surrender, trust in the higher logic that God knows best, does life becomes a magical dream field of infinite possibilities.

And the little moments that seem not the way we want, which creates resistance, can become our teachers. Through those we learn and grow. Until eventually the resistance dissolves and all is seen as a blessing.

It is a journey and life is unexpected, unknown beauty. The truth is we never know. But when we resist is when we believe we know – we believe we know better than the higher order and that is where our little egos block the flow of life.

And as we fall and grow and rise and shine and fall again just keep remembering this little simple wisdom – rather than resist what is trust that it is part of the perfection.
Amen 🙏🏽