A 4-week activating 1:1 intensive to embody and integrate your higher wisdom,  finally make that leap to create your desired reality and thrive in your magic!

Time to Leap…

Sacred Woman,

Have you felt the call to shift certain areas of your life but procrastinated to leap?

Have you been doing the work, joined a bunch of courses, and yet feel it needs to be embodied on a deeper level to reflect in your external reality?

Do you feel fulfilled yet want to move into a space of greater expansion?

Are you finally ready to embody and make that change and would like to be supported on that journey in a somatic, emotional, and spiritual way?

It may be in desiring a more balanced life between work, self-nurturing, and family/friends while setting healthy boundaries to claim your space.

It may be in unlocking deeper parts of your radiance and standing more firmly in your power.

It may be in finding softness in your relationship with yourself and others..

This container will support you in laser-focusing on what it is that you want to expand into and make that leap to embody it in your life finally.

It’s time to take it the whole way home, as you are worthy and deserving of living it Queen!

Where this transformational journey is taking you to:

  • Embody your authentic radiance as you embrace all parts of yourself, let go of the masks and show up in your pure vulnerability and power.

  • Stand in the truth of your values, with the ability to express them clearly & lovingly while holding a healthy sense of boundaries and gaining greater discernment for decisions.

  • Soften your heart to divine, nourishing love that will heal your fears, and leave you feeling worthy and held by life and the divine, as you open to receive more abundance in your life.

  • Rewire your nervous system to move out of stress and fight or flight into being relaxed in your body while getting everything done with ease.

  • Stabilize in your center as you reconnect to the Earth and the Divine, feeling held and supported while regulating emotional highs and lows.

  • Elevate your love relationship from shadow & power struggles into a heart-expanding Sacred Union of mutual devotion and support.

  • Awaken the innate wisdom and power of your womb as you heal your birth trauma and sexuality and find more safety and pleasure in your body.

  • Crystalize into a higher and refined frequency and inner guidance as you rest in your Goddess-Self where your lower tendencies and pulls have no power over you.

NOTE: Because of the nature of this container we will focus on certain aspects of your life intensively and may not be able to dive into all these areas.

If you desire a full rebirth visit Regenesis my 1:1 Immersion.



  • Safe Container: Be held in an pristine and safe container that supports you in diving deep and makes space for abandoned parts to emerge and heal.
  • Somatic Movement: Somatic body movement and dance practices to liberate stagnant energy, release emotions and open up your body.
  • Unedited Expression: Express your emotions and trapped energy without editing or holding back, allowing all to the surface, be seen and freed.
  • Subconscious Belief Reprogramming: Reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways to experience a divinely aligned reality.
  • Inner Child Regression: Heal your past as you find true forgiveness for yourself and others, allowing the tears to flow as I guide you safely through regression.

  • DNA regenesis: remember and heal past lifetimes & your lineage, release vows & contracts and activate higher dormant DNA coding as we go into energetic transmission.

What is included

1 x 2-hour sacred opening Ceremony & Activation Session 

Opening of a sacred energetic container for the duration of our Initiation together and get clear on the overall intention, healing, and vision that you desire.
We will already begin the deeper healing & activation work in this session.

2 x up to 90min min Metamorphosis  Sessions 

Dive into somatic & cellular healing, decode old belief systems, unleash blocked emotions, release contracts & vows and rewire your energy field and DNA from past and present lifetimes.

4-week private WhatsApp support for up to 20 min a week

All sessions are Live and held via zoom.


Bonus #1 Align with your Center Value

1 x Video training giving you the most efficient tools to release emotions, bring yourself back into the center and gain empowerment and sacred sovereignty over your life.

Bonus #2 The Divine & Earth Mother Union Meditations

2 x 20-minute visualization and alignment to ground into mother earth, establish a clear connection with your divine self, and activate higher consciousness.

Bonus #3 The Self Worth Embodiment Guide

Accelerate your spiritual evolution by opening your heart, finding inner blockages, and expressing emotions through this journaling technique.

the magic people experience!

Naomi went from being unable to unleash her emotions, self-judgment & being stuck in her mind to owning her voice & rising into her sensual feminine power and inner stability!

Freya went from feeling scattered and unable to stay organized in her daily life to groundedness, clarity and deeper embodiement in her work!

Ivy went from a traumatic experience of giving birth, heaviness, and sadness to forgiveness, deep healing and inner freedom.

Shakira experienced a transformation on a physical, mental and energetic level that helped her to release a blockage she was carrying for years, leaving her feeling light, clear and centered.

If you are willing to go deep, this is the healing for you!

Asherah created a beautiful held, safe space and used a blend of healing modalities. She gently helped me to identify some core beliefs, formed in childhood which were subsequently released, along with the energetic and cellular memories; leaving me with a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Since my healing I have not been aware of those limiting beliefs or feelings again and it has also helped me to continue to work with my inner child, repairing old wounds and realising the gifts that she has always been holding for me.

A transformative experience!

Shelly, Animal Medium & Make up Artist

For a couple of months have I had weekly sessions with Asherah.

Since then has my life improved a lot, and I even quit smoking.

I visited a lot of different healers for years because of my special situation but now I finally notice I am getting better and I know I am on the right path toward becoming my divine self. 

She really works from her heart and always for my best interest.

I can recommend Asherah to everyone!

Sabine van de vouw, psychic medium & sales expert

Why work with me

My approach is guided by my crystal clear intuition and proven emotional & energetic alignment techniques. This allows me to channel my students’ information and work with their subconscious minds. I use a combination of somatic & cellular healing therapy, movement & DNA rewiring for them to return to their unconditioned state, and Divine Blueprint. 

I was guided to this work by intuition, as something was profoundly missing in the conventional way of living. So I traveled to many countries and began to explore spirituality, from yoga and meditation to indigenous wisdom and plant medicine, as well as the feminine mysteries. All lead me back to the same innate understanding – to find true happiness and bring peace to our chaotic world, one MUST return to the inner fountain of love and serve humanity from that space.

That is why I devote myself to this work with all my heart. Today I have helped many humans accelerate their spiritual evolution, and it is my divine honor to support you on this pathway, too.

Let us create a New Magic Paradigm.

About Asherah and her work

➢ Real-life 7 years+ expertise in energy healing and somatics and in applying the practices she teaches

➢ Is a certified theta healer, eft practitioner, medicine woman & womb shamaness with the skills and care to support you in rising into the next level of your evolution.

➢ Works on a somatic level that supports emotional release and deeper embodiment as well as on rewiring your energy field on a multidimensional level through her spiritual powers

➢ Is an embodied Projector 6/2 in HD, which have the signature of leading humans into the bigger picture of their lives

➢ Holds strong inner Authority for you to be able to let go, trust and be guided with clarity and love

➢ Has extensive experience in facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies & retreats, where she learned how to Master Energy and hold space like a power goddess and teaches others to hold a clear energetic space

➢ Has the ability to spot sabotage patterns like a hawk and point them out with precision and love for you to break them once and for all

➢ Has healed from feeling isolated, lonely and separated seeking for meaning in life, through living in Ashrams, descending into her shadow to finally reunite with the inner divinity and is now serving from that place.

Free Clarity Call

 Still have questions and want to explore the work with me further?

Book a free clarity call.

Pay in full
$997 USD

You will receive a confirmation email with questionaire and scheduling calendar within 24 h after payment.

payment plan

2 x $550 USD monthly ($1.100 USD in total)

Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Asherah Miriam Rose.
I am a Modern Mystic that has devoted her life to the pathway of love. My work is influenced by the shamanic arts, the Taoist and yogic lineages, especially Bhakti yoga and meditation the star lineages and ascended masters, the feminine and womb mysteries as well as psycho spirituality with the focus on inner child work.

Asherah Miriam Rose

Want to know more?

Who is this for?

This is for women that are committed to transforming their lives and are ready to make the change. As well as dedicated to put the time and energy into showing up and doing the given practices, taking responsibility and integrating all that is learned into their day-to-day life.

I have already done a lot of inner work - is this for me?

If you are a mentor, healer, or coach yourself and would like to expand certain areas in your life while being supported and held, then this is absolutely for you.
Often times we give, but forget to receive and be held ourselves, especially on the journey of serving others.

Also if there is a particular area in your life where you cant quite make the change, this program will support you in doing so and finally integrating it in your life.

I am new to the spiritual path - is this for me?

Yes – as I will meet you where you are at.

But the level of transformation and embodiment is determined by your willingness to open, feel and make the change.

I have trauma and am looking for healing - is this for me?

Depending on the depth of the trauma and healing that is needed, you may prefer to work with me on a longer term basis in my 1:1 Immersion Regenesis .

Also I am not a trained psychologist, so if you are taking medication and going through severe trauma healing then this journey may not be for you yet.

If you want to have a chat to tune in you can book a free clarity call with me.

How will we connect?

We will connect over the Zoom platform.

Once you have made your booking you will receive a link from us that will lead you to your first session.

If you do not have zoom yet can you download the platform here for free:


I have more questions?

Sure. Just contact us via our contact form here.