After such magical journeys in the mountains of Mexico – the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl and the holy mountain Shasta have we grounded back in a new home in Tulum.
Shasta has brought us the highest joy, most graceful miracles, and such bliss not at least because of the reunion with our pod flame (see the previous article).
We both know – it is the heart of our home. Nowhere else in the world have we felt such deep resonance, such remembrance to timelines when we lived on Venus and other planets operating in the law of union.
No surprise considering that within the holy mountain resides an entire intergalactic city called telos.
The telosians are beings that are here to assist us in our ascension ( or rather a remembrance) to our true self. Which is beyond separation, beyond suffering and stories of the mind, beyond the future and the past but in the deepest embrace of the present moment. So simple yet such a mystery and such riddle for the mind.
After receiving the highest blessings from the holy mountain, our pod flame family and the sacred light beings that inhabit the mountain are we bringing back those codes to anchor within our offerings and wherever we go.
Now back to Tulum – we were guided to live on the outskirts of town. Tulum town is a mix of all sorts of tourists, spiritual community, locals, party people, construction noises, and driving cars. It is not a very big town yet still a town.
Which is bringing its challenges and opportunities for growth.
Its been about 2 weeks since we have moved into our new house and I feel my energetics slowly recalibrating to a new set point and coming back to myself. Yet at the beginning was it quite challenging. I was observing my mind filled with random though forms, not negative nor positive, rather just clutter which is usually not the case for me.
I was as well experiencing tiredness and a cloud around my head which brought density, through that, thoughts of doubt where arising, wondering if we made the right decision of living in town.
I had to remove myself from all the surroundings and ask for clear guidance on why we are here and if this was the right decision.
And the guidance said yes. “We are here because we are meant to anchor the light here. We are here because we are meant to connect to the deepest aspects of ourselves and find centeredness amongst all. It is about raising our vibration above the collective and above our surroundings so that we do not get affected by the energy field of the town anymore. Perceive it and sense it yes, but not purge it through our bodies and awareness. The densities shall pass as it is just a recalibration.”
I accepted this fully and now receiving the blessings slowly of living in town. Apart from being close to everything and connecting with the tribe that is around here have, we discovered that if we do wake up earlier around 5 am or before is it way stiller and peaceful. Its been my intention for a while to begin with an earlier morning meditation! Furthermore, we are bringing in more physical activity like running, gym, strong yoga, and pilates classes. This helps to move the hectic energies of town, brings vibrancy, and keeps our physical bodies fit!
Our home is becoming a powerful energetic container as we have been anchoring it into the crystalline grid! So rather than us being affected by our surroundings, our surroundings can be affected by us and the light that is held here. I have been consciously sending out light waves to all that my mind experiences as disturbing, especially noises.
I was as well shown that it is about feeling safe wherever we are. Save to expand, knowing that ultimately all is the divine presence expressing itself through various densities.
It is not always easy but a great opportunity to come into deeper surrender and practice resistancelessness. We must always see the blessing in all.
Yet has Tulum already brought us magical synchronicities in such a short time and is itself a wondrous place, the mother pearl. With its mystical ancient ruins, sacred temazcalis (sweat lodges), turquoise ocean and white sands and Atlantean cenotes are we surrounded by magic and I am grateful for that.
Let us see what the divine is going to bring in this next chapter of growth and magic.
Blissings to all beloveds and we hope to reunite here in Tulum with the ones that are called, very soon!

Namaste Rose Hearts

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