Inner Freedom

Inner Freedom – freedom that one could witness in the innocence of the eyes of a child, in the laughter and joy of playing children.
It is something that can not even be described in words. So magnificent and pure.

On the spiritual path, there can be traps that seem to represent freedom. Mental traps that tell you how to behave in order to be more spiritual, how to behave in order to be „free“. But this is all just another condition of a spiritual superego that tries to grip onto the truth of who you are. The does and dont’s, the should and shouldn’t. The right and wrong.

But truly, within freedom, there is no right and wrong. There is no good and bad. There just is. The infinite being. All there is YOU.

In your rawest form. In your purest expression. In your innocent way of abiding. In the act of granting yourself just to be. In doing something silly. In being perfectly imperfect. In laughing and dancing out loud without wondering what the others think. In expressing your deepest truth. In expressing your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings. In allowing yourself to cry and be who you are. In accepting when you have made a mistake and let it go. In loving yourself unconditionally and seeing the beauty within all.

It is you. Beautiful, raw human being. Through the most authentic expression of your heart.

You have the permission to just be you. You have permission to be free.

Thank you, perfectly imperfect being.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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