be honored

For all the beautiful sisters out there, to be honored as the divine goddesses they are and might not know yet.

I see too many beautiful women, looking up to a man and dreaming about being with him or being cheated on or lied to, being mistreated in their relationship… not being honored the way they should be as a divine goddess, a divine yoni that births the essence of life.

The truth here is, as with everything, to be honored by a man is to honor yourself. If you don’t honor yourself you will never be honored by anyone or anything as you simply don’t vibe on that frequency.

But how to do that?

Remember that you are a Queen.
You are a woman that is powerful, gifted, and beautiful and maybe you have not discovered that within yourself yet and you don’t see that yet. But we all have something to give that is special and by opening up to that will you allow it to rise. The man that is meant to be by your side will see that gift in you and will see YOU.

And if he does not, then he is not even worthy of your time.

Love your Body.

If we want we can always find something within us that is not perfect. Too much do we focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves, rather than focusing on what we do like and find beautiful. Look at yourself and find all the details about yourself that you adore. Perhaps the way your skin glows in the sun, the shape of your feet, the curve in your back… whatever it is, see it honor it and see the perfection of your sacred temple!

Remember that you carry the key to life.

What is it? the most beautiful, powerful, sensual organ that has been created by the divine mother. Your yoni. She holds the lifeforce shakti, she holds immense power, she is the one that drives the entire world nuts. If you are in deep, loving connection with her and connection with your sensuality is this something that radiants out, a cake of which everyone wants a piece. Connect with her, heal her, activate her and life is yours. (I have written in more detail on this in past posts and there are many books and online material to deepen this important connection)

Know what you want and set clear boundaries.

If you don’t like something that he does or says, express that. And make clear if a border is crossed. It does not matter what he wants if this is something that you don’t feel comfortable with you should not do it.

Clear and harmonious communication

I see many women complaining and getting very emotional in their ways of expression. If that happens all the time, can I understand why a man turns his back. So it is important to say what you want but it is as well important how you say it.
If you feel triggered by something, maybe just leave the space or take a breath and feel into your heart. Express from that space in a grounded way what it is that bothers you and give space for him to respond. No blame, please.

In this way does he feel heard and will honour the way that you can express yourself.

Be your authentic self

You might have a grumpy day or feel upset about something. That is okay, you don’t have to mask it with a smiley face. It is much better to express what you are experiencing than to pretend all is good. As he will feel it on some level anyway. And truly, if he does not love you as you are with your downs (that we all have) than he is not the right one anyway.

Don’t throw yourself into a fantasy

Before you start fantasising and projecting all the things that you wish to see in a man onto him, ground yourself, take a breath, and take things to step by step. If he is the lucky one it will happen. There is no need to rush into things, neither to create a fantasy and story of „he could be the one“ (because actually, you are already the One).

Stay calm and get to know the other, no matter how amazing, gifted, awake etc he is, we all have our shadows and light. Know that he is a human being like you are and give yourself the space to see him as he is not as you wish him to be. Like this will you come from a much more centred and grounded energy approaching him, and he will feel that which makes it more exciting for him as you are not throwing yourself at his feet.

Allow yourself to be adored

Maybe he wants to spoil you, take you out for dinner, give you a foot massage or take you to a magical outing, maybe he will buy you roses. Fantastic.
Allow yourself to receive that and enjoy it like a queen (because you are one). That means with grace, with gratitude, and with complete openness to receive. You deserve to be treated that way!

Remember that you are AMAZING and you deserve all the above and so much more. Remember you are a goddess and you hold the key to life. And now go on and play with the greatest joy.

So much Love & Namaste

Namaste Rose Hearts

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