Grail King Rising

4 Month 1:1 Sacred Immersion

Freeing yourself from the highs and lows ♠ grounding deep into the earth thus wielding your sexual power with purposeful radiance ♣ opening your heart to exude emotional freedom, creative genius & penetrating potency ♥ healing your relationship with the feminine to procure magic ♦ thus living & leading a magnetic AF legacy – anchored in your SACRED MASCULINE POWER! ψ

Rise Now Grail King…

What is a Grail King?

A Grail King is a man that has married his inner masculine and feminine.

Thus co-creating in and as a wayshower of love, penetrating presence, wisdom and pristine power overflowing from his open & aligned heart outwards – into his magical as FUCK life.

PS – The Grail Kings were the last living imprint before the fall of divine masculinity. But now we are rising again 🧙‍♂️⚔️ through remembrance 🌹❤️


And what is rising?

There is so much out there at the moment about the feminine rising. But equally the feminine is rising within the masculine of us Men co-creating an inner alchemical process.

A Grail King knows that softness is true strength, quite contrary to modern-day beliefs.

Just like the lingam (penis), in its pure form, it is soft, sensitive and receptive…

This does not mean discarding our Masculine power, rather use this receptivity and sensitivity as a superpower of awareness. It only increases the power of penetration, by being able to impact subtler realms of consciousness.

As light as a feather… 


“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”


― Lao Tzu  


Ω Are you struggling to drop into a space of deep vulnerability with yourself – your partner – your life?

Ω Do you still watch porn? and are unable to harness your sexual energy?

Ω Do you spend so much time in your head – endless thoughts that always create more problems than solutions…

Ω Are you flaky? Indecisive and do not consistently show up in life?

Ω Are you drowning under the weight of not feeling worthy, of not feeling good enough, of not feeling your claim to the throne of your Kingship?

Ω Are you done with the drama, prolonged triggers and no-shows up&downs?

Ω Are you struggling to connect to the feminine? To ground into the Mother and feel & express your emotions deeply?

Ω Are you at war with the Divine – constantly questioning why is has not shown up for you?

♥ ♦

I am here to tell you brother, I feel you 100 and know what you are going through.

It doesn’t have to be like this…

Together we can activate a process of empowerment for you to overcome all of this and RISE into your Kingship!

I have personally navigated through all of these trials and tribulations. And truthfully still AM – the spiral always has deeper & deeper paths…

They have manifested in my life in a variety of ways inviting to heal it at the root cause – and it is almost always one’s inner masculine and feminine imbalance.

Which was co-created most likely but not limited to – your Parental imprints during 0-14 yearsthese are the major ones.

But then there is always a plethora of pandoras box … that is always entangled – ancestral – quantum – collective programming…

Nevertheless ⇒

I am here brother to stand in your corner ♦ at the walls of your Jericho.

…to hold you in a safe container of love – to share with you all the tools, practices & inner realisations to empower you to navigate these shaky unknown waters and rise into the King your truly are. 

Imagine a life of emotional freedom, an innate ability to love deeper + being absolutely anchored in your purpose, with crystal clear clarity + living a life of fucking magic fuelled by sexual creative power.

Blessed and unstoppable!

I love you Bro and I got your back – and together we can do this.

It is time to set your heart on fire, and wield your masculine power with potency + pristine purity!

grail king rising round table

I AM the Resurrection and the life…

IMAGINE – How would it feel to:

Shift from being closed down in your heart – with the inability to be vulnerable to owing your softness and sensitivity – unlocking this superpower to be able to dispel/minimise triggers and hold coherent space for yourself and others like a mountain of presence.

Release the porn programming and transform into a pure channel for your sexual energy to overflow into all areas of your life. This renewed Shakti flowing freely will open a space within for deep feeling and creative expression. Own and wield your sexual power with authenticity and confidence, to set the world on fire with your wand of light.

Move into an anchored space within yourself of emotional freedom. Tired of that numbness and inability to feel what’s going on inside – with yourself and your partner? Learn effective techniques to break down the walls, and open yourself to feel deeply thus increasing your capacity to respond with love in emotional situations.

Done with being in your head? Endless thoughts of leaving you confused and unmotivated? Brother lets get to the root of the thought cycles, and transform it into silent clarity. Imagine being able to make decisions in the moment and lead your life from a space of intuitive clarity!

⇒ Ready to rid of the flakiness? Not getting shit done and moving into the direction of growth and transformation? We will discover the power of your HARA centre, giving you clear direction and power to pierce through the layers of flakiness. Accessing a space of no-time, flowing gracefully with potency to reach a new level of spaciousness for you, your family, friends & relationships.

⇒ Unlocking your RADIANCE! No longer feeling scarcity and lack. Opening up to receive you’re divine inheritance. This comes by being anchored in your calling, speaking and knowing your truth – and being on purpose every single day with persistency and consistency of vibration frequency.

⇒ Finally ready to take SACRED RESPONSIBILITY for your vibrational imprint on this planet. There is a deep calling in your soul to rise and claim your throne of Divine Masculinity. To be an example for all of life, anchored in your heart and on fire with magnetic potency – influencing all beings you interact with…


4 Month 1:1 –

Sacred Immersion

Grail Kings Rising will follow a Journey of the first 4 Chakras – spending a month on each chakra. 

Each chakra will work in coalescence with a Masculine Archetype + an Ascended Master & Sacred Flame + the 4 / 5 earthly Elements.

The course will include access to an online portal that will encourage self-study. A plethora of techniques & practices, information to assist with each Chakra.

It has been mapped this way specifically for maximum transformation, as guided by Gabriel’s Higher Self.

The key to stabilising as a Grail King, is through the healthy connection &  overflow of the first 4 Chakras.


Chakra 1 –

Month 1

Archetype: Wild Man – Viking

Guides: Ragnor Lothbrook / Archangel Michael

Sacred Flame: Blue

Element: Earth

Chakra 2 –

Month 2

Archetype: Lover / Creative Genius

Guides: Paul the Venetian

Sacred Flame: Pink

Element: Water

Chakra 3 –

Month 3

Archetype: Warrior / Knight

Guides: King Leonidas / Serapis Bey

Sacred Flame: White

Element: Fire

Chakra 4 –

Month 4

Archetype: King

Guides: King Arthur / El Morya

Sacred Flame: Blue

Element: Air

What you Receive King


We do an energetic clearing and deep sweep of your auric field. Get clear on what your Kingship looks like, and begin to lay the foundations for what is to arise…

6 x 75 Minute Grail King MENTORING & Recalibration sessions

Busting limiting beliefs, processing & transmuting the unconscious/emotions, activations & recalibration of the energetic field to reclaim the highest version of YOU.

4x EFT Tapping Sequences for each Chakra

A guided video using the EFT technique to release and bring forth unconscious programming and trapped emotions in the body.

6 x Meditations, Grounding & Energy transmutation techniques

Applicable to each chakra. Designed to assist you in energetic transmutation and anchoring into deep presence.

144 days of Whatsapp Support (20 minutes per week)

Receive guidance and integration support during the emotional process, unfoldments, and momentary initiations with a Whatsapp group – direct contact with Gabriel.

All sessions are Live and held via zoom.

Plus receive following Bonuses

Bonus #1 – 90 minute Gene Key reading and oracle intuitive downloads session. 

This session will give you great clarity of the unfoldment of your life stream & direct downloads from your higher self.

Bonus #2 – 60-minute Activation session.

In this session, we will focus solely on activating spiritual gifts and other forms of grace given by your higher self. This session will take place at the end of the course to ensure ones vibrational frequency is anchored to receive.


What people Share...

I signed up for the Grail King Rising Programme as I had a deep yearning to move myself towards embodiment of the divine masculine, and bring my inner masculine and feminine essences into harmony. I also wished to move forward with some key life challenges that I was facing in my relationships and with my business.

The power of what followed was mind blowing. Gabriel is an incredible guide on this journey, with layers of depth and understanding that allowed me to talk with ease and feel into the darkness within me in a safe way. Gabriel’s knowledge, experience and kindness helped me to go further and illuminate that which was holding me back, and ultimately find my magical gifts that were waiting for me all along.

The transformation in my life since working with Gabriel has been phenomenal. It really is still the beginning of my inner exploration and alchemy but already my relationships are transformed, my inner creativity is shining and abundance is strongly flowing. This beautiful work that has strengthened my spirit, opened me to the gifts I had concealed from myself and has brought me into balance in a profound way.

If you’re looking to find and embody your divine masculine, your magic, and bring that to the world for the good of all, then Gabriel is the perfect guide who is with you every step of the way.

Thank you so much Gabriel and much love to you brother!

Michael Bell, Business owner & composer

Through our sessions Gabriel has helped me to remember my power, and that I am my own greatest teacher and master. And at every level of consciousness, I have been healing.

I’m eternally grateful for all you do, Gabriel, and hope to work with you as a mentor and friend for many years. Many blessings brother

Michael Briggs, Hydraulics Specialist

Gabriel was able to, in one conversation, show me how my old views of masculinity (toxic) were affecting me even though they weren’t true and helped me realign what true divine masculinity means to me.

I spent almost a month with Gabriel on that trip and during that time we traveled, played and ate together.

Gabriel is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and it was great to see that he walks his talk – he doesn’t have to “get in the zone”, it’s just who he is.

Gabriel is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge. I still have much to learn but I know anytime I have a question – Gabriel is just a text away. I’m proud to call him “brother”.

Michael Linville, Small Business Owner

I appreciate how you are always available with your love, generosity, understanding and support.  There has never been a time when I did not feel your total presence, whether in person in the Amazon jungle or via the internet.

I really have no words to express my deep gratitude and love for all you have contributed to my spiritual progress by your example alone.

Angela LaPorta

I have profound respect for Gabriel’s ability for holding space for most vulnerable truths while somehow reminding me my own wisdom and that I don’t need to be afraid of myself. With utmost gentleness and grace, he helped me clear so much space to hold more of myself and plugged me back into myself.

Lily Zafer, University academic

I first met Gabriel in the Amazon in 2016, and was immediately drawn to his presence. Three and a half years later I reached out to him after my partner took her own life. His compassion, knowledge and wisdom helped guide me through this difficult transition. He focused not only on me, but also on the continuing nature of my relationship with my partner, even in death. Gabriel has a huge Heart, and an amazing balance of masculine and feminine energy.

As a result of his support, I find myself living in a space of profound gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness. I am so grateful for my connection with Gabriel now, and in my time of grief and confusion. I couldn’t recommend Gabriel more highly for support and guidance on the spiritual path.”

John Owlheart, Ex-NASA Engineer

Wow! Gabriel has an incredible skill in analyzing and ‘work-shopping’ one-on-one to discover the proven, evidence-based, and fresh perspective on who I truly am underneath my social and personal conditioning that gets in the way of fulfillment for so many of us.

His obvious passion for The Gene Keys & Human Design came through in our session. He helped me find the words I was struggling to find for one of my close relationships, commit to a more aligned move I needed to make in my business, and affirm that, given my specific personality profile, I am on the right track in my life. If you’re looking for an internal tune-up or a ‘pure mirror’ that can spot those nasty blind spots (we’ve all got ‘em), don’t hesitate to book a session with Gabriel. I feel proud to call him a dear friend and brother.

True Bryant, Private Coach

My time spent working with Gabriel through empowerment sessions were nothing short of transformational. His ability to hold a loving and compassionate field created an environment that lended boundless support while I dove deep and faced my shadows. Gabriel is a beautiful and talented being whose bright light shines like a beacon, guiding you along the path home.  A true blessing to be re-connected in this life.”

Lori Horvath, Healer & Space Holder

I have had the opportunity to be with Gabriel on two occasions, and I have also experienced a private session over Skype. 

Gabriel is a divine being with an open heart and mind, filled with compassion and kindness . He has immense knowledge that he imparts to others for their own learning. 

I have come away empowered by his sharing as well as strengthen my own connection within.  Don't hesitate to give Gabriel a call.

Dawn Stewart

Our session together for me was just beautiful, I felt your heart flowing with love, sincere compassion and understanding for the issue we were working on..I instantly felt calm and relaxed in your presence.

Even after the session, I loved the tools you shared with me, the little messages of uplifting support. Overall the session was a beautiful uplifting experience full of sincere LOVE!!

Lisa Anderson

The Approach

‘Wai Dan’ – External Techniques

Within the online portal, there will be many external practices & techniques utilised to: harness + balance energy,  for emotional release & processing + much more.

‘Nei Dan’ – Inner Cultivation

During the 1:1 sessions and within the online portal – there will be techniques (Meditation & Contemplation) + energetic invitations activating the cultivation of subtle inner energies.

‘True North’ – Guidance & Awareness

Gabriel will be your guide. He will use his gifts to enhance awareness of Shadow Patterning, with your permission + guidance of your higher self – initiate auric field & DNA reprogramming, guide you through emotional processes & much more. The goal is to empower you to do this for yourself… Once a master, always a student.  

Self Study

Within the online portal there will be videos & reading material tailored to each Chakra, Masculine Archetype, Element – and much more! You are invited to go deep, and commit to your transformation through awesome particpation. 

Why work with me?

My approach is to be an empty vessel open to receive what is best for every being I work with. This happens spontaneously through my anchored intutive connection and presence. As a Projector in Human Design, I am coded to bring forth the new paridgm. I do this, by my pure presence & potent auric field, plus sharing proven emotional + energetic alignment tecniques that I have utilised on myself and shared with others for healing & transformation.

My gifts > 

  • Crystal clear oracle for information/downloads
  • Loving space holder for emotional processes 
  • Energetic Wizadry – ability to clear & transmute energy
  • DNA reprogramming & repatterning
  • Activator of Spiritual Gifts through Grace

I know why I came here, and that is to be of Service. As a warrior angel on the front line. Nothing sets my heart on fire more, than to serve those beings who are ready to heal, and return to the love they truly are.

I approach my Dharma with deep devotion, gentless and fierce love.

My heart is open, I am ready to be of Service King, with your loving permission. 

Together let’s build a new world…
abundant with magic, love and truth.

PS – Here is what I want you to know about the level of my work and why I’m unlike every other Mentor out there… 

 Not every Mentor…

Has real-life 6 years+ expertise in the healing arts. Learning from every experience to refine his craft. Once a master, always a student.

Is a certified bio energy transmitter, eft practitioner & modern medicine wizard with skills to support & guide you in the healing journey + deeper embodiment of your unique true self.

Potent yet Gentle Space holder – allowing you to feel safe, held and loved. Thus co-creating an energetic container ripe for alchemy.

3 years+ in a Sacred Union Relationship. Blossoming in the fires of transformation & cultivating deep intimacy with his Inner & Outer Queen.

Is an embodied Projector 6/2 in HD, who is coded to bring forth the new paradigm & coded to read subtle energetic signatures to uncover the full spectrum…

Has spent 90 days in the Amazon Jungle, and travelled to powerful places all around the world – rich with wisdom & visceral experiences.

♦ Is a vessel of transmission. Exuding high vibrational energy through his aura & the spoken word. This energy is programmed from healing & transmutation. 

Is an intuitive seer transmitting messages with clarity & spotting egoic patterning & energetic tears with precision.

Has extensive experience in facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies, where he learned how to hold coherent potent energetic containers & transmit divine healing energy.

2 Seats at the round table are currently available

for the private immersion (1 Scholarship).

If what you have read and recieved on this PAGE sets your soul on fire…

Book your FREE GK Rising  Resonance Call & Apply for my 1:1 Immersion


Let’s catch up heart to heart and put it all on the table. Explore how it feels together & witness with presence how our energies interact.

Together we can tune in, whether we are a soul-frequency match – and if I am the being to guide you to the embodiment of your inner Grail King.

As a Grail King, greatness is your true nature, and life exudes magic & spiritual wealth. Your heart melts with loving gratitude.

So brother, if you are ready & willing let’s have a catch-up for an open-hearted authentic chat. And see how the cookie crumbles per seBook below!

Your Facilitator


I am a transformational healer & activator, DJ, modern mystic, spoken word artist, and entrepreneur. I love smoothie bowls, DJing ecstatic music, fine Taoist Tea, and the mystery school of life. My work inspires beings to embrace the fullness of their heart, and transmute any barriers to that expansive place within us all.

I blend my inner yogic & shamanic experiences with external understandings such as yogic scripture, the wisdom of the mystery school’s past, quantum physics, and psycho spirituality. This integration of inner experience and outer wisdom is a powerful remedy for transformation in one’s life.

I know my mission on earth, the reason why I came down here, is to be a beacon of light and influence as many souls as possible to the inner spiral of opening + awakening one’s heart. 

Welcome to read my full bio here…


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