Is there something that you hold within yourself that you always wanted to do to fulfill your dream?
Maybe being a ballet dancer, playing an instrument, opening your voice to sing, speaking in front of an audience, becoming a painter, turning your hobby into an actual business, traveling the world with a sailing boat, expressing your true voice and creativity an allowing yourself to shine, going to acting school…

This unfulfilled dream, this wish… this thing that you have buried in a box somewhere deep within you and that comes up every once in a while making you think “oh I wish I would have done that, but now its….”
Now it’s what? To late? You are too old? you are too grown-up? You are a parent and have no time? Or you are too serious now?

There is a massive condition in this society about dreams and fulfilling our dreams. We are told that our dreams are fairytales, we are told that it won’t be lucrative, we are told its too hard, we are told that there are only some special ones that make it and we are not one of them… the worst of all is that we are told we can only fulfill certain dreams at a young age because that is when we learn the fastest, that is when we still have chances to maybe do something “meaningful” with it (as if it is not meaningful enough to do what we love…)

And then our beautiful dream that was so bright and colorful gets tainted and clouded and forgotten… put into a box of “no chance” deep inside.

But what if all that we have been told was not true? What if we CAN create anything we want and wish for in any stage of our lives? What if the moment is now?

It is time. This year of 2020 is your year. It is your year to shine bright, it is your year to step up and open up! To do whatever it is that you are dreaming about now or to awaken that forgotten dream within you. You are ready! 2020 is all about being ready and going for it.

The only thing that is stopping you from fulfilling this dream, is YOU. It is you not believing in yourself and you not taking action.

No one said it will be easily laid out in front of you (it might be but it might not), no one said that it doesn’t take discipline, discernment, and consistency.
But if this is truly your dream, then you will be willing to give all for it. If this is truly your dream that you talk about, that you imagine yourself doing, that your hearts desire you will give all and all will be given.

And if you don’t take action, well.. then it was maybe not truly your dream. Then maybe it was a fairytale that one would dream to do but never dare to do, that one would like to do but is too lazy to do, where one finds all these other things that are more important than the dream… well than your right, it’s not really your dream.

But I’m talking to the people that have a dream which is true and that is ready to live it. You have this life now, at this moment, on planet earth, that can be over in a blink of an eye, if you believe it or not, so why would you not want to live it to the fullest and give your all?

We have to understand that it is the time now to let go of our boxes and our terms and conditions that we are born into. Just leave that page blank. Draw something new.

All it takes is making the first step.
The mind is the one that will create the burdens, that will say easier said than done, that will take out its to-do list and find a million things that need to be done before making this step, that will possibly tell you that you are crazy to do such thing now… but you know what? Who cares what the old mind says, why not rather listen to your heart… to the excitement that this dream ignites, to the spark of joy, to the new adventure, to the creative expression… and from there take the first step. Just do it.

And then, one last thing. When you are finally doing it, do not give up. Remember this is not about achieving anything but the very step of taking action is already the achievement. If your progress is not as fast as you would want it to be, that’s fine. This is not about putting pressure or expectations upon yourself. This is about breaking free from all that and dancing with your heart’s dream in the way that it expresses through you and to be grateful and proud of yourself for making the leap.

The time is NOW.

As an empowerment mentor and transformational healer, I do assist people in stepping into their fullest potential and in fulfilling their dreams. My service is to help you to remember the divinity that lies within and all around.
If you would like to know more about my work or book a free resonance call please contact me.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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