Guided Meditations

Receive a 33minute Energy Attunement Audio assisting you to clear your chakras, align with your higher self and connect to Love. A great way to start your day!


Guide to the 7 Chakras

A comprehensive guide to the 7 Chakras with affirmations, in-depth descriptions, recipes, and exercises.

Affirmation Ritual for Divine Alignment

Powerful Affirmations for Divine Guidance, Trust & Abundance. Practice daily for deepened connection to Divine Presence through the Power of the Spoken Word.

How to Connect to your Hara

The Hara is the center of the etheric or chi body, it is a ball of energy that directly connects to the earth. It is about an inch in diameter and is the gateway into the ocean of chi. This PDF is a comprehensive guide to foster your connection to your HARA center.

Womb Rose Ritual

The Rose-Womb Ritual is a beautiful way to open the frequency and essence of the rose within your womb. This Ritual allows healing and a softening of the womb to occur, bringing in a sense of safety and groundedness as well as nurturing and loving energy.

Red and White Rose Waters

A journey into the balancing of the Red and White Waters. Where Purity merges with Sensuality. A powerful guide for embodiment.

Violet Flame

Learn to utilize the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Transformation, and Transfiguration. An in-depth manual with information, invocations, and a guided practice.