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 with Visionary Leader, Somatic & Energy Expert, Channel and Modern Mystic


Asherah Miriam Rose

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  • Clarify the Vision of your next level in accelerating your sacred mission and life
  • Identify the root causes that are keeping you in old patterns & habits
  • Map out a divine journey for you to rise into sensous aliveness, sovereignty and embodiment of your Vision

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Naomi went from being unable to unleash her emotions, self-judgment & being stuck in her mind to owning her voice & rising into her sensual feminine power and inner stability!

Freya went from feeling scattered and unable to stay organized in her daily life to groundedness, clarity and deeper embodiement in her work!

Ivy went from a traumatic experience of giving birth, heaviness, and sadness to forgiveness, deep healing and inner freedom.

Shakira experienced a transformation on a physical, mental and energetic level that helped her to release a blockage she was carrying for years, leaving her feeling light, clear and centered.

…More Praise…

“You allowed me to pinpoint the actual blocks to completing my metamorphosis, redirecting my mind from the victim into empowerment”

– Dylan, Human Design Coach

That was the purest transmission I have received to date which I believe reflects in the purity of Asherah

– Karen Sophia, Lightworker

Since having regular Sessions with Asherah my Life has improved a lot, Im finally connecting with my divine self! I recommend Asherah to everyone

Sabine Van de Wouw, Sales in Regenerative Energy

Asherah creates a beautiful safe space, she helped me identify core beliefs and release them on a cellular level. Working with her left me with a feeling of wholeness.

– Shelley M, Animal Medium & Make-up Artist

I found Asherahs energetic healing session to be clear, powerful, and effective. I felt my body releasing and my essence coming back, feeling happier and lighter.

– Akara Heart, Dance Embodiment Guide

“After the Session, I was freed, empowered, cleared, and saw my gifts amplified. I experienced clearing of past life contracts, and was released from shadows of my matriarchal lineage”

– Emily Bauman, Copy Writer & Coach

Why Work with Me

My approach is guided by my crystal clear intuition and proven emotional & energetic alignment techniques. This allows me to channel my students’ information and work with their subconscious minds. I use a combination of somatic & cellular healing therapy, movement & DNA rewiring for them to return to their unconditioned state, and Divine Blueprint. 

I was guided to this work by intuition, as something was profoundly missing in the conventional way of living. So I traveled to many countries and began to explore spirituality in depth, from yoga and meditation to indigenous wisdom and plant medicine, as well as the feminine mysteries. All lead me back to the same innate understanding – to find true happiness and bring peace to our chaotic world, one MUST return to the inner fountain of love and serve humanity from that space.

That is why I devote myself to this work with all my heart. Today I have helped many humans accelerate their spiritual evolution, and it is my divine honor to support you on this pathway, too.

Let us create a New Magic Paradigm.

Here is what I want you to know about the level of my work and why I’m unlike every other Mentor out there…

Not every Mentor:

Has real-life 7 years+ expertise in energy healing and transformation and in applying the practices she teaches.

Is a certified theta healer, eft practitioner, medicine woman & womb shamaness with the skills and care to support you in releasing emotions and rising into embodiment

Infuses a multitude of ancient traditions into her work from feminine mysteries, Taoist wisdom, and yogic lineages to ascended mastery teachings.

Has extensive experience in facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies where  she learned how to hold space like a power goddess allowing you to feel held in divine love.

Transmits high vibrational energy through her speech and aura to activate you on an energetic and cellular level.

Has the ability to spot sabotgae patterns like a hawk and point them out with precision and love for you to break them once and for all.

Is understanding and compassionate because she knows the pain of feeling unworthy, rejected, and abandoned before finding inner empowerment and love for all parts of herself.

Asherah Miriam Rose


Is a…

Visionary Leader, Modern Mystic, Transformational High-End Healer, Medicine Woman, and designer of an organic & ethical clothing line. Her work empowers humans in embracing the totality of their being – from human to divine.

After experiencing many profound inner transformations, she dedicated her lifepath in service to love. For almost a decade, she has been exploring the human & divine energy field, the latent power of the feminine & womb mysteries, and the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and mystical perspective.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating various plant medicines from the world’s native tribes as integral to meditation and reawakening of the inner supernal mysteries.

All to bring healing and realignment with the God-Self and liberty from the limitations of collective and parental programs.

Asherah shares and imparts her magic through mentorship, online programs, retreats & ceremonies.  She dedicates her life to humanity’s evolution and the return to love inherent to our being.