That what we all knew would come one day is upon us. The great collective purge of humanity, of mother Gaia, of the unified field.
In these times of great upheaval, in these times of uncertainty, in these times of fear and anxiety is it time to step into the centre of light.
Oh yes, we feel the ripples in the energy field no matter where in the world we are. Oh yes, we sense the strong emotions that are arising within so many of our beloveds in this current time of great change.
Yet is this the time, more important than ever to gather our inner forces of light, to gather all that we have practised and learned and to allow ourselves to rise into becoming beacons of light to hold the frequency in a coherent field of love for all the ones that are not able yet to see beyond the unsettling fear within their hearts.
Now beloved one do I ask you… what is it that you do with this great space that has been given to you? As the roads are empty and the shops are closed, as you restrain from social activity and from stepping out your door… what do you do?
Are you sitting at home and worrying about the situation, reading and listening to the news day by day waiting for change or even getting addicted to the story, needing to research about it and feed the mind with the frequency of doubt and worry?
Or are you choosing to step up into the light, into the moment that you have been waiting for all along?
All the time when you postponed your sacred sadhana practice because you had no time, when the union with god was put second because there was always something more important to do, a more important place to be, a more important conversation to have…
Now as all these distractions have been taken away what is left? You and the trembling fear, that fear that has been there all along, yet was it in disguise behind all the distractions of the mind.
This is not being said to bring more unsettlement. Not at all. This is been said to ring the alarm bells. As the Fear (false evidence appearing real) that the collective consciousness field is experiencing right now is being pushed to the forefront and purged on a mass scale.
I ask you dear one, do you remember the tasks that you had chosen to do, to bring yourself closer to divinity and to unison? Do you remember the way it felt when you had moments of expansion, of deep trust and greater knowing? Connect to these… and bring those forth.
NOW is the moment of great change for all of life, but the only way that we can rebirth through this together is by YOU returning to love.
I know it is easier said than done beloved one, but here I am, reminding you that you know how to do this.
Let us change this lockdown into lock UP … and fill your time of the lock UP with UPlifting activities. Dance and release all that you fear through the dance, pray and send your hope, faith and trust into the prayer. Meditate and find inner peace in this time of great upheaval. Exercise your body to become stronger physically and to be a pillar of light on all dimensions.
Gather with like-hearted souls, to share about your lock UP experiences to inspire and to collectively pray, this might be only through the world wide web right now, yet will it bring great change.
With utmost love and biggest hugs for everyone in these times of uncertainty
Asherah Kaliyana