Excalibur – the sword ⚔️ of TRUTH ?

It’s not easy, especially in the now moment as we navigate through a planetary ? transmutation ? – to hold the sword of truth.

As the TRUTH eradicates the EGO – the EGO in most situations has been given the power, thus separated from our innate DIVINE nature that exists with all our hearts ?

It so perfectly paradoxical, that we have to generally UNLEARN everything we have learned from the systems that are currently in operation on a mass global scale – as they are based on programs from the EGO – fear, lack, separation, and the list goes on.

When holding the sword of truth – there is crystal clear clarity and trust, as it is the DIVINE that is running this grand show!

When you CULTIVATE THE CONNECTION + TRUST + SURRENDER + FOLLOW THE GUIDANCE from divine with your heart, then all is GIVEN ?

It is that SIMPLE … ?

Only the EGO creates complications ?

A quote from a Maestro ….

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication –

Leonardo Da Vinci ?‍?


Namaste Rose Hearts

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