Erotic Sovereignty

For the Woman who is ready to reclaim her ancient Erotic Magic and
lead a rich Life in her bold & embodied Power.

4 Days

26 June – 29 June 2024

Where this journey will lead you:

Unearth your erotic power and learn to cultivate it, allowing you to claim and embody the bold Woman you truly are.

– Achor in your Magic as you rise with unshakable confidence, reclaiming sovereignty over your Body, Eros, and Womb.

– Dance out stuck energy as you unleash your Shakti, liberate your body, and bask in expanded Vitality and Radiance.

Uncover the Ancient Art of Temple Dance and Feminine Magic, unlocking your inner Enchantress to magnetize your most aligned Destiny.

– Liberate your Womb center from past relationships, shed those limiting imprints and beliefs, as you unlock the power to cultivate deep inner safety, making you feel truly at home in your Body.

– Integrate your Eros into love life, business, and creative visions for your creations to flourish in all areas.

The Journey

Day 1: Rewildering our Eros & The non-dual Womb Embodiment Practice: Eros Breath Practice & Shaktivation Dance

On our first day, we begin our intimate journey of exploration into the intricate layers of your power. 

Encompassing both the luminous and the dark facets of your being, we break free from societal & spiritual norms and shed the ‘good girl’ image.

Together, we immerse ourselves in the ancient wisdom of the primordial womb, navigating tailored exercises to help you reclaim lost erotic energy and rediscover personal power. 

Our collective experience culminates in a dynamic, sensual embodiment session, seamlessly fusing dance, breath, and movement.

This module is a shared roadmap to reconnect with your untamed essence.

Day 2: Reclamation of our Eros Essence Energy Transmission: Shamanic Group Energy Transmission

On the second day, we focus on reclaiming our Eros essence through a powerful Shamanic Group Energy Transmission. 

We begin by reflecting on the places and circumstances where we have given our power away or played small, whether influenced by people, beliefs, culture, or religion. This introspective time allows us to identify and understand these patterns. 

Following this, the Shamanic Energy Transmission helps to clear the energetic chords, vows, and contracts that have drained our erotic power, including those tied to past relationships. 

This process calls back our rooted magnetism and soul essence, guiding us back to a state of inner union and empowerment.

Day 3: Cultivating our Shakti Fire & the Art of Containment Embodiment Practice: Art of Ancient Temple Dance

This module is a dynamic experience propelling us into a life of heightened magnetism, vibrant health, and the ability to turn visions into reality through inspired action. 

We will discover how to harness and contain our Shakti Fire in a way that feels empowering, sustainable and in alignment and through that feel rooted, clear and connected to our inner gnosis

We will immerse in the enchanting art of Ancient Temple Dance, an enriching practice we’ll explore together to cultivate our Shakti through intricate movement and mudras.

Day 4 Embodying Eros: Bring your Visions to Life

As we arrive at our final day together, our focus is on seamlessly integrating the essence of our journey into your life, empowering you to curate your visions and dreams from a space of embodiment.

We’ll delve into practical ways to bring this transformative work into your daily life, business endeavors, and creative expressions.

You’ll learn to anchor your newfound wisdom and experiences into your body and reality, facilitating a deep and lasting transformation. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll emerge with the tools and confidence to continue this path of embodiment, living your divine eros within every facet of life.

What’s Included?

  • 4 x Mystic Temple Teachings including Live Q&A

  • 2 x Somatic Embodiment Practices with breath, sound, and dance

  • 1 x Shamanic Womb Energy Clearing and Activation

  • Direct access to Asherah to ask questions and receive guidance during calls

  • Telegram Temple Group to share and connect

  • Accelerating and pristine Vortex of sacred Sisterhood
  • Downloadable Replays of all Classes

Each Workshop consists of teachings, Q&A, and embodiment practices and will go in total for 2-3h per day.

All classes & practices are held LIVE on Zoom

Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Asherah Miriam Rose, an Embodiment Mentor specializing in shamanic, somatic, and ancient mystic arts. I am passionately devoted to guiding womb-centered women to lead enchanted lives filled with embodied prosperity, sovereignty, and sensuous aliveness deeply rooted in the Earth.

Part of my ancestral roots come from Pakistan, a sacred land that once was home to celebrated female tantric gurus who mentored kings and shared profound techniques of inner worship of the female body.
I have spent the last decade studying and sharing these feminine arts of Eros. From my early days as an exotic dancer to my profound exploration of womb wisdom and the lost lineages of ancient feminine magic, I have dedicated my life to these transformative practices with an unwavering commitment to sacred embodiment.

I invite you to embark on this wild journey of erotic reclamation with me. Together, we will awaken your deepest essence and feminine power.

Asherah Miriam Rose

Ready to reclaim your erotic power?

4 Days

26 June – 29 June 2024

US $199

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