Energy Reset Ritual


Sign up below & reset your Energy in 33min.
Returning to your connection to the Earth, your Body and your Sacred Self.

Powerful, Effective & Vibrant.

◊ Ground into Mother Earth

Clear and balance your Chakras

◊ Move & Shake out stiffness

Come into clarity and open your Heart

Connect to your Higher Self

The 33min Energy Reset Ritual includes:

∗ Short somatic movement to prepare & open your Body

Harmonization of each Chakra

Healing & Alignment incantations

∗ Grounding & Integration in the Body

“Thank you  for this beautiful Energy Reset Ritual.

It is exactly what I needed. I will listen to this every morning.
I felt the energy move and myself grounding.
It is the perfect timing for the morning.
Feeling more connected to Mother Earth and also my Crown opening…balancing.”
Kathryn Ancoff

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Mystic Womb arts and Somatic Embodiment Mentor, co-founder of the School of Modern Mystics and creatrix of an ethical Clothing line Nomadica Clothing. Her work empowers heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life of Earth connection, prosperity and sacred sovereignty.

For almost a decade she has been active in transforming women’s relationships to their feminine strength and stability, supporting them to return to their Sacred Self through tools like nervous system regulation, shamanic timeline & lineage healing, and emotional release.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating master plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to yogic practices, somatic therapy and rites of passage through the feminine mystic lineages and womb awakening.

 Asherah offers private online mentoring and group programs that provide a potent blend of multi-dimensional and Earth-based practices you’ll love to integrate into your personal arsenal of healing tools.

She dedicates her life to humanity’s evolution and the return to love inherent to our being.