The time has come to introspect and choose wisely what do we devote ourselves to.

Is it the will of the ego and the separate self? Or do we choose to surrender to something greater?

When we choose our personal will over the divine will we go against the balance and harmony of the entire universe.

We were made in the image of God and in our natural state of consciousness is it only natural to work together in symbiosis with our surroundings.

From that space is how we thrive as a whole considering each and every aspect and allowing us to sing a unified song, dance a perfectly choreographed dance by the divine director.

It is beautifully demonstrated in nature – what if the sun would just choose not to shine in the summer and the snow would choose to fall because it feels like it – because it does not want to align with divine will?

Well, not only the trees and flowers and probably a lot of wildlife would dye but the crops would not be ready for the harvest and this would create a food shortage for the entire region.

In the limited mind that we have been conditioned into do we believe that if we surrender fully to the divine will we will possibly lose – we may miss out on all that we imagined we wanted and in fulfilling all our dreams.

We do not want to give up control over our will as that gives us an imaginary sense of power, it keeps our little ego intact and veils all the fears that are stored underneath the ego’s overlay of being in control.

But and this the great but – we must remember that when we do choose to surrender divine will it is not of detriment to ourselves – quite the opposite – it will only bring more joy, love, and beauty to ourselves and the collective web that we are a part of. In that space, all is given.

It is our natural way of being and only through that can we restore balance and harmony on our planet.

And now is the time, more than ever, to make that leap of faith and choose the divine, yes beloved one it is up to each and every one of us.

Sometimes it can feel difficult, even impossible to surrender. It can be a concept that seems way out there for the ego and even though the soul wishes it so deeply it feels trapped in the ego’s game of fear, desire, and endless stories

– if you know this just too well the following may be of service to you.

Our sessions assist beloveds to go deeper within and find the root cause that keeps the narrative and separation in place. Here we can help you to find the blind spot and free yourself in order to rise into your divine potential.

As we know, many countries have gone back into lockdown and the overall global situation brings a lot of uncertainty. We would like to be there for whoever is ready to receive the divine service that we offer.

Therefore have we decided to offer our sessions for a further discounted price of 199 USD for now for the courageous hearts.

We do as well offer single sessions with only one of us for 111 USD.

Learn more here about our Sessions:

Remember beloveds the key is within to open the inner doorway to heaven. It may not always be the most pleasant journey, surely not for an ego – but we MUST undergo this initiation NOW if we do want to rise into the new era. It is up to each one of us on how we make that transition – it is in our hands now to write the script of a new more benevolent dream – but this can only happen if we do surrender to Divine Will.

With the deepest reverence to the Godself within all

Gabriel & Asherah

SMM Blog


Namaste Rose Hearts

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