We love this quote from “Jupiter Ascending”.
“Because a dream is the only way any of this makes sense? {Alien existence}
Compared to what? The idea that you’re the only intelligent species, on the only inhabitable planet, in a universe so full of planets that you don’t even have a number to describe how many there are…?“
Recently we have been feeling the extra-terrestrial presence… and thus it has ignited some downloads that we wish to share.

Extra-terrestrial beings have made their presence known to humans more proactively ever since we started to release nuclear activity into the Atmosphere.

Nuclear technology is not clean for the earth – and even more so the chemical compositions that are released influence – like a ripple effect this Galaxy + many others. We (humanity) due to our negligence and separated consciousness – are disturbing Galactic harmony – when we release these nuclear weapons (sometimes for trials).

And what is even more outrageous for the extra-terrestrial beings is that we have utilized these weapons on each other (which is puzzling for some extraterrestrials – as they innately know the reverence for life + and its sacredness).

So because of the disregard/lack of awareness and consistency of Nuclear activity – as you will see in the documentary mentioned below – Extra-terrestrial visitation naturally increased (visitation with a purpose anyway – always spontaneous visits).

Even to the point that they visited nuclear sites over the years around the world – and with their superior intelligence – shut down systems nuclear launching stations – giving a clear message on their intentions.

A beautiful case – shown in the documentary “The Phenomenon” – when extra-terrestrial beings visited a school in Zimbabwe in the 1994 and the telepathic communication to the children was that we were destroying our planet – and with its destruction, it is creating an imbalance in the connected galaxies.

Everything is connected – we must again not see ourselves separate from a larger network of life.

Nevertheless, human consciousness collectively is at an all-time low. Hence why we have created a vibration frequency match with certain beings now involved secretly with our governments – seemingly not the most benevolent unfoldings are looking likely.

And those extra-terrestrial beings of higher vibration – the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and a plethora of others – through the galactic law of “no interference” – are unable to offer their support unless the collective vibrational frequency of the planet reaches a higher assemblage point.

So once again it comes down to each individual to intensify their inner processes to return to love for the collective ripple to unfold. Love is the greatest force and power in this universe and if we can unify in that field we shall create a more benevolent timeline of transition into the Golden Age.

We as a species have co-created this reality we find ourselves in.

There is always GRACE – but every moment is precious.

Embrace these hidden truths that will be revealed in due course – & know that the divine force pervades all beings.

Even with vaster circumstances – your heart innately knows the way to navigate and embrace all phenomena.

PS – recommended watching the newly released documentary “The Phenomenon” for perspective …


Namaste Rose Hearts

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