The deep waters of our womb.

Carry the keys, the codes, the cosmic wisdom. It is the womb that holds all life and is within each feminine and masculine.
As the feminine vessel, we get the blessing to receive those codes in materialized form, once a month, in form of our sacred womb blood.
Pray with it, honor it, love it. As it loves you. Ask it for its wisdom and it shall be revealed.

In my last moon time have I been on a deep journey through the mystical dimensions, as well through revelations about life and the relationship with beloved Gabriel.

I have been shown areas where he is not standing up as a divine masculine and holding space for the sacred feminine. I knew it on some level, yet was I in acceptance of it.
But in a conscious relationship is it about growing together and supporting each other in our growth as well as holding each other accountable. As when we just accept can it sometimes be a compromise, not allowing us to rise further.

As a divine masculine in a relationship is it about being an anchor. When I (feminine) am good, joyful, active is it easy for all to be in balance. Yet in the times that I can not hold the field for us actively for example on my sacred moon time where I need the support or when emotions come up is it where the divine masculine can step up into holding the space.

At this point in our relationship, is it not like that and is probably not something that will switch from one day to another.

I love my beloved, I see us and I see him.

But sometimes he does feel like my son.
At the same time do I know that many women have similar experiences and that we are ahead as women, so many woman gatherings, retreats, courses, sister circles- yet is there not so much out there for the divine masculine yet.
Slowly are they now stepping up and stepping up means taking action, doing the work, taking responsibility from a space of love and motivation not because someone else says it.

And that is what is most important for me in our relationship. That Gabriel brings forth the changes because he feels inspired by it. I do not want to push anything as I know we all are growing in our rate, in our cycle, and ultimately is it the divine that sets up the path for us in perfect timing.

Of course, we are committed to giving it more time and he has acknowledged the parts that need growth and that it is time to take the actions of stepping up into manhood.

Yet coming to all these realizations allowed me to go deep into the pain of separation, deep into the grief that my heart was still carrying. I could feel something ancient was opening and releasing.

Now has it turned into surrender. Surrendering into the unknown, not knowing what will happen, but to give my all, to continue to open my heart and to have no expectation but just witness the unfolding.

Bringing it back to myself. Where am I not opening up to my divine masculine? Can I create the space for Gabriel to step up and
allow him to be the divine masculine?

To reflect the parts of him where he already embodies divine masculine qualities, so that he can feel more empowered.

Here am I stepping up, too. Opening my heart to make space for the divine masculine to rise. Through space, time, patience, compassion, love,  reflections. As it is our work as women too.

Indeed conscious relationship is a journey. It goes deep into all aspects of our self, many aspects that we would not be able to see alone, that is why it is so powerful. It is a commitment, to be there not only in the fun times but at all times. And I feel our commitment has just deepened through all this, as we slowly rebirth together into something new.

Remembering that love is the guiding force and if we let love lead the way will we be lead into love.



Namaste Rose Hearts

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