Takeaways from Session 2

Sessions NOTES

  • Masculine / Feminine balance with location – use more strategically – London MASCULINE penetrating LIFE energy / Mallorca FEMININE rest – rejuvenation – creating spaciousness. Both are absolutely necessary, balance is key.
  • Capacity to contain energy up-levelled. Not leaking out into life – witnessed and felt AS IT IS NOT HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE. Alchemised through creativity.
  • Discernment – clearing away of previous version of self contracts – especially in regards to business. Conversations and statements of new energetic boundaries necessary. 


  • Schedule meeting in the perfect moment with old clients that are no longer reflecting your new vibration (do not pay on time).
    • Reinforce your energetic boundary – either speak it out or tap on it. My clients pay on time and VALUE my services.
    • When speak to them address the issue, and give a gentle ultimatum.TRUST if they walk away … one door closes and another will open. Clients that are now in alignment with your NEW FREQUENCY
  • Do the MONEY tappings in the Money #1 section. 
  • Work with the blue flame every odd day. Instructions in section.