Takeaways from Session 1

Sessions NOTES

  • Brother Wound – we worked on the heart field with the business incident
  • Projection of Father figure – begin empowerment so projection dissolves and inner king rises.
  • Primal fear from womb time – Shame/ guilt / kept in secret / rejection


  • Deeper intimacy with wife
  • Business prosperity
  • Deeper connection with daughter


  • Write a letter to your brother. Be raw and real. Everything that you wish to say, but did not.
    • Light a candle, but some relaxing 432hz music on.
    • Burn the letter after holding it to your heart.
    • Forgive those for they do not know what they do (important to write the letter form a RAW and REAL place first – otherwise forgiveness is FALSE). i.e. F@CK you, how could you do this to me etc. etc. 
  • Play Football! Connect to your inner child, do what you always have loved. A social game with brothers however it manifests.
  • Continue working out at the Gym. Natural and balanced Testosterone is healthy masculinity.
  • EXTRA: Do 1 class per week of Martial Arts / Kung Fu. Saw this as important for you.