Cyclical Living

A 4-week rite of passage to harness the power of your Menstrual cycle, unearth your womb’s intelligence, and thrive in sacred


In ancient times we use to walk in alignment with the rhythms of the earth. We rested and flourished with her.

That way of living brought us a deep connection to our bodies, opened us to mystical and oracular wisdom, and allowed us to integrate, rejuvenate and heal.

As women, we would come together once a month to bleed in sacred prayer and vision. In silence, in potency, and in rest. Here is where we would also receive oracular messages for our tribe and our land. The bleeding time was not only sacred for women but the entire community as a whole was guided by that powerful monthly ritual.

Shamanesses and Medicine Women were the gatekeepers of the otherworld. 

What men could only access through deep meditative states, pilgrimages and mind altering substances was available to us once a month – with the magic of our blood.

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This was the epicenter of our cycle.

Yet, every month we cycle through 4 inner seasons as women, and each of these inner seasons has its power points and holds its unique medicine. 

When harnessed the right way, it will support you in creating a flowing life of nourishment, exhilaration, and abundance.

In our modern-day culture, this ancient wisdom has been lost. Productivity is valued over integration, our nervous systems are trained to work in fight or flight and the power and essential insight of our feminine medicine has been forgotten.

Cyclical Living is a rite of passage of reclaiming the powers of your inner seasons and aligning with your bodies rhythm.

It initiates you into tetrieving the sacredness of your bleed and the magical powers that unlock with the restoration to your natural blueprint.

Start moving from a place of feminine magic and deep connection to your body as you unleash the utmost life force,  structured flow, abundance, and nourishment.

Art by IG @soulart.klerks

This is for you if you desire to:

Create a life of structured flow that feels in alignment with your natural body rhythm

Regulate your nervous system and move from stress into inner peace and balance

Unlock the ancient wisdom of your womb to connect deeper with your body’s magic 

℘ Access your natural psychedelic medicine

Ground into the earth to restore your root connection and find safety and security within

Dive into the grief mysteries and heal deep layers of pain to soften your heart and make space for more miracles and abundance in your life

Balance & heal menstrual symptoms such as pms, cramps and pain

Establish a profound connection with your body and womb to bring you into utmost empowerment and feminine magic

Learn about the magic powers of your blood and how to use them in sacred ritual 

What you will get:

  • 5 x of recorded somatic, breath, and embodiment practices designed to support you in each season of your feminine cycle

  • 4x recorded Video teachings giving you the codes on harnessing the maximum potential of each season in your cycle

  • 1 x Sacred Cycle & Herbal Guide PDF


  • Additional Materials to support you on this journey

  • 1 x REPLAY Womb Clearing & Activation Transmission – Root in your womb center, heal past hurts, and unlock your magic potency

  • 1x REPLAY The Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming (Yoni Steam Ritual) – Cleanse your Womb & Yoni, regulate your cycle, and nourish your body

The Journey

This journey is designed for you to begin on your current cycle phase and weave through the materials in your rhythm.


Welcome & Intro

Everything you need to know to have a transformative and powerful rite of passage throughout this course and navigate through this journey!

Winter Phase - The Hag Day 1 - Menstruation

Our menstruation is a powerful portal to take us into other realms and moves through the shedding of old layers as our womb sheds her skin and invites us into deep rest and integration.

We will explore the mysteries of our blood, learn how to work magic with the potency of our moon blood, and access heightened states of consciousness as we dive into the feminine brain, which is activated throughout this time.

Traveling with the archetype of the hag, we will dive into our primordial power, solitude, and profound wisdom while also opening to the Grief Mysteries.

KEYS: rest, silence, death, vision, going inward, HAG

Spring Phase - The Maiden Follicular Phase

As we birth out of the winter, we move into our inner Spring, where we connect with the archetype of the Maiden. We will travel her medicine of creativity, playfulness, and innocence.

Exploring our creative and sensual expression to map out the visions we received during our inner winter and bring them to life.

It is a time of free-flowing, enjoying the fresh energies of Spring and rebirth.

KEYS: Rebirth, joy,  Creativity, Cleanse, MAIDEN

Summer Phase - The Queen & Mother Midpoint - Ovulation

Our inner Summer is the time that invites us into action! 

Here, we will learn how to structure our month according to our internal rhythm, get productive (time to get shit done!), and harness our life force energy to actualize our visions and projects.

We will work with the Queen Archetype and draw from her sexy power, clarity, and focus, as we anchor in our confidence and move our sexual lifeforce through our body and into our creations.

KEYS: Activate, take action, structure & schedule, productivity, work out, radiance, QUEEN 

Autumn Phase - The Mystic Luteal Phase

As we transition out of our energetic peak of Summer, our body invites us to gently slow down, adjusting the pace of our rhythm to the Autumn Vibes.

Here we will explore how to change gears and slow down while regulating our nervous system. As we have anchored our visions and projects into reality, we continue to nurture them and give them space to integrate.

The archetype of the Mystics steps forth, teaching us how to manifest and co-create with the unseen realm. To prepare for the inner winter, we also begin creating our nest on a spiritual and physical level.

Furthermore, we learn how to navigate through PMS and emotions in a regulated way to feel nurtured, understood, and safe throughout this time of bodily change.

KEYS: Slow down, curate a nest, listen to your body’s needs, nature, MYSTIC

333 USD

Reclaiming the sacredness of our Blood is a BIRTHRIGHT for every woman, I want as many women as possible to undergo this initiation, and therefore have I chosen to offer this journey at this incredible price.

From my heart to yours.


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Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Asherah Miriam Rose.
I am a Modern Mystic that has devoted her life to the pathway of love. My work is influenced by the shamanic arts, the Taoist and yogic lineages, especially Bhakti yoga and meditation the star lineages and ascended masters, the feminine and womb mysteries as well as psycho spirituality with the focus on inner child work.

Asherah Miriam Rose

Want to know more?

Who is this for?

 This is for the woman who feels called to live in deeper alignment with her natural blueprint as an extension of Mother Earth and is ready to create a New Paradigm by reclaiming the ancient ways and integrating them in our modern lives.

It is for the woman who wants to feel empowered in her cycle, connected to her body and create a life of structured flow.

How much time do I need?

Every woman works differently. But generally I would recommend setting about 1 hours a week aside to go through the materials.

The practices will be around 15 -30 min and can be done daily or a couple of times a week.

The Live calls do not have a specified time limit as we work in a dimension outside of time in these calls, and everyone is given the space to share if they want to.

I have heavy and painful periods & PMS, will this help me?

Yes. All the work we do in this course is designed to support you to live in deeper alignment and connection with your body, which in turn is going to smooth out your period for you to be able to experience a more gentle and even blissful menstruation.
Many of the practices aim for that, especially the Yoni Steam Ritual.

Yet this journey is, as everything that is long-lasting, a lifestyle and while the shift can be instantly, it may also take a couple of cycles to notice a bigger shift.

But if you follow the practices you will get there.

Disclaimer: This course is not a replacement for any medical treatments or consultations from other professionals that you may need.

I carry trauma around my sexuality - will this help me and can i do this course?

While this course is not designed to address trauma healing directly, some of the somatic practices will naturally make space for things to come to the surface to be observed and healed.
AND living in alignment with your natural rhythm and cycle will also give your nervous system the space to enter into deeper states of rest and therefore create cellular healing, as we are designed to heal ourselves, if we only allow to.

So yes this course can support you in healing trauma.
If you hold severe trauma and have not done any work with it I would recommend seeing a professional.

You can still do this course and integrate the tools you learn in your life.

How will we connect?

We will connect over the Zoom platform for our weekly calls and you will receive access to our membership portal with all the recorded classes and teachings for 6 months.

We will also have facebook group in which we will connect and share.

Once you have made your booking you will receive a link from us with the access links.

If you do not have zoom yet can you download the platform here for free:

I have more questions?

Sure. Just contact us via our contact form here.