The Great Mother is black. When we dive deep into the primordial womb of existence, into the soils of the earth is it that what we are going to encounter. The all-encompassing powerful darkness.

I grew up in Germany in a multicultural environment with all colors and nations around me, being a polish/Pakistan mix myself. For me was it quite normal to have different nations around.

Therefore was I a bit shocked when I realized some time ago how active racism still is. I thought it is so outdated, but if we look at the current collective consciousness – that is outdated too. So no wonder this issue is still something that we are dealing with today.

It is saddening. Rather than to see al the gifts that each race brings, the beauty of equanimity and allowing life to flourish in all its divine expressions, we do put each other down. It is easy to bully someone who is different in order to hide our own insecurities and to project our anger.

So what is needed for the world to understand that #blacklifematters and that #alllifeisequal? It is to raise awareness, to speak our truth, and to stand up for ourselves and for each other, as every word counts.

Yet is it as well to find the forgiveness to those who have been the perpetrators.

Because who carries more pain? The victim or the perpetrator? Whose soul is suffering more? The one that carries the guilt or the one that carries the resentment?

I could not say…

But what I can say that if we want to evolve as humans, we must learn to forgive. We must forgive the police officers that have killed black people for no reason, we must forgive the man that have raped the children, we must forgive the husbands that have violated their wives… we must forgive them for they can not forgive themselves for the pain they have done.

It is the only way to return to love and go beyond separation. It is the way that sets all hearts free. No one said it will be easy or instant – yet with being open to it and having the intention are we taking the first step.

So for me, these words go out as a prayer for forgiveness and as a prayer for peace.

As this writing is inspired by the #blacklifesmatter movement I would like to honor all the dark-skinned brothers and sisters.

I might not come from the same race, I might not have the same skin color as you do, I might never understand how it feels like – but I feel you, beautiful human, brother and sister and I honor you.

I honor you for the way you dance, you have this groove that white people just cant get.

I honor you for your strength to have made it through hard times of slavery and yet still stand.
I honor you for your voice – the way you can touch our hearts through singing from your soul, the jazz, the blues.

I honor you for the way you dress and express – colors of paradise birds.

Thank you for all the gifts and inspiration you bring to us.

May we all find our way back home to live in harmony with one another.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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