Join us for a 2.5 hour exploration of our inner exuberance with the energy of Beltane. We will explore the sensitivity & coherency of connection we have to our bodily vessel, dance + shake 💃🕺 out stagnant energy and go through a rejuvenating rebirth with a luxurious crystal sound 💎 bath experience.

Beltane invites an exploration of the senses: where one is encouraged to fully inhabit your own body and feel the energy of the Universe coursing through it. It is a celebration of your body as a means of channeling energy in all forms — divine energy, s@xual energy, physical energy, mental and emotional energy.

We invite you to join us in a potent, safe and liberating container, guiding you through a sacred Beltane infused ceremony to nourish your spirit and develop a more loving connection to your bodily temple.

Followed by 1 hour of an ecstatic Live Dj Set (DJ Exuberance) with tribal and mystical tunes from all around the world, for you to shake & sweat out the old and embody your new self! 🔥🔥🔥

This transformational journey will close with a 40 min Crystal Sound Alchemy bath for you to assimilate, surrender and JUST receive from head to toe

Doesn’t that feel exquisite? 🌬️

 The Journey 

✨ Opening Ceremony honouring the Beltane Portal with Mexican Cacao & Rose infused Elixir

❣️ Beltane ritual to explore the connection we have to our bodily temple, and reflect on how we feel the energy of the universe coursing through it

❣️ a safe circle of soul family in vulnerability, presence & trust heightened creative potential and expression

🔥 1 hour of unique musical live DJ blend (ecstatic dance) to facilitate your process

💎 40min Crystal Sound Bath with crystal chalices, tibetan bowls, chimes, rattles, guitar and many more instruments

☺️ hugs and smiles are 99.9% likely

***This will be intimate container of 10 people max to co-create magic ***


Registration closed


What to bring?

🦁 Large Bottle of Water

{Please ensure you are well hydrated during and prior to this experience and your last meal is at least one hour or more prior to ceremony}

🦁 Journal + Pen for reflections / insights / downloads

🦁 Sacred items like crystals & flowers for the altar (they will be charged with the energy of the event) 

🦁 Yoga mat /blanket / pillow for you lie on during Sound Bath

⁉️ For any further questions, please contact us at and we are happy to help! 


Acknowledgement of country

The School of Modern Mystics acknowledges the Kaurna Meyunna as the traditional custodians of the land, waters and sky where we live, work, and practice. We pay our deep respects to the elders past, present and emerging and seek to listen and learn from them. We recognise their sovereignty was never ceded.