Present with pain“suffering is optional, pain is inevitable. ” Present with pain

Life is unpredictable. All that happens in life, to us, is part of us. Part of life. The beauty and pain. The darkness and the light. It is unavoidable. And why would we want to avoid it? Why would we want to avoid the experience of life as it comes and as it is presented to us by the divine plan?

The only reason why is because we see the painful experiences as negative. Because we see the painful experiences as unenjoyable and because when we are within the pain and intensity there is a lack of trust that it will pass.

The human psyche has been so conditioned into the realms of duality. Into what is good and what is bad, into which feelings to embrace and which feelings to avoid or suppress.
In the early stages, we get told „why are you crying? don’t cry it will be fine“ or „what is wrong?“- that already entails that things are not fine when we cry, that things are not right when we express certain emotions. That something is wrong.

That crying is something negative as well as other emotions like anger, sadness, or fear.
And we keep growing up with the understanding that some emotions are okay to have whereas some or not okay. Which creates suppression.
The suppression of how we truly feel and the need to be and seem „perfect“ for society, for our parents, for our community, yes as well within the spiritual circles, the need to be perfect for our own image.
This is what then creates suffering.

The suffering is the restriction on how things should be within our conditioned frame of reference, as well as the resistance to the things that we experience in life which we do not want.
Have you ever tried to be in complete acceptance, presence, and trust within an uncomfortable situation within the unknown? Well if not, try it out and see what happens.
It is quite powerful. Because of course when everything is great, life is providing with all that we want and need, when all people around us are loving it is easy. It is easy to be in a high vibration, open and loving.
But the times when things are not the way we (the separate I) want it are the diamonds. These are the moments where we can truly bring forth all that we have learned on this path, where we have the opportunity to go into the next stage of our evolution within the mystery school of life.

This is what used to be called Initiation in ancient Egypt and all the ancient mystery schools which were teaching the secret knowledge of ascension. It is the transcendence of the attachment to the suffering and the need to suffer. Though the pain itself, the discomfort, the unexpected, the unknown, the raw emotion, all of this will be there always as it is a part of life and of the human experience.

As long as we live within this plane of existence and within this world that entails all, the dark and the light, will all of this be part of us and part of our life experience. We just need to understand that it is nothing bad. That it is nothing to worry about. That it is just like clouds in the sky, passing through. The more we can do that, the more we can become friends with the pain and be present with it. Through that, we can make the experience of pain and intensity something sacred. This does not mean that we should dwell in the story of the suffering and play the victim or the poor me which is just the egoic counterpart of resisting it. But rather to be with the pain with curiosity. To feel it and nurture it by being present with it. And through creativity. Working with the forces of nature, surrender the pain to the earth, to the fire, to the waters. Working with prayer and devotion to surrendering the pain to Source, Mother-Father God, All that is. Releasing it from the morphogenetic field for ourselves, our genetic line, for the collective.

The release happens when we can be fully present with it without expectation. So it is not „I am present with it now so hopefully, it will go away soon“. No, it’s more „I am present with this situation and I trust that this process will take me where I need to go and it too shall pass when the time is ready“ „ I love myself with the pain and I love everything that moves through me.“

That ultimate sense of surrender is the doorway into freedom. Because then nothing can interrupt our peace anymore. Since all things are accepted and all is okay, even the dark aspects and the shadow. It just merges all into one great flowing dance of Nataraja.
A dance with highs and lows and curiosity and beauty. Once we truly understand that everything is temporary and we do not attach to one particular situation if it is pain or pleasure we become free. Bringing gratitude to the beautiful moments and bare the painful moments with grace. And then there might be moments where we just want to scream or we just want to shake it all out and that is perfect. There are really no rules on how to work with it but just to do, explore, experience, what it is that works best for you. Play with it.

Every time we can birth out of an intense situation in life we come into a new and higher set point with grace. And again it does not matter how we do it. We can go through it kicking and screaming, creating dramas and projecting, to make life „more interesting“ and entertain ourselves or we can just walk through it with an open heart and grace. All is fine, all is part of life. You choose which way to walk. And we have to experience all in order to understand what we want and how we want to live. What we want to create for ourselves.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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