Exuberance Alchemy


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Who are we…

Hi, we are Gabriel & Asherah, a sacred union couple.

For over a decade we have traveled and lived in many places around the world, practicing mysticism with indigenous tribes, ancient yogis, and feminine mysteries and through deepening our sacred relationship with each other and the divine.

We both have trained extensively in the shamanic arts and ceremony facilitation.

While Asherah’s focus is on somatic, movement, womb, and embodiment work for women, Gabriel’s focuses on supporting men to rise into their innate kingship and balance their inner feminine and masculine energies.


Our work is a fusion of the mystical and the practical humanness, as we believe both are intrinsic to each other and necessary parts of the embodiment of our more profound and true nature.

All this combined magic is infused into our ceremonies and offerings. 

Discover a space &  community that feels nurturing, pristine, safe, and filled with joy and laughter, because we wouldn’t want it any different in the house of exuberance alchemy!

It is a joy to welcome you here,


Music Credits: Jean du Voyage – Hara

Video & Photography: Eviekphotography