A beautiful madness ? – is the word I love to use to express what it is to share this journey with the ever radiant, every joyous, every magical and ever fiery ? @asherah.kaliyana

It is so important to realise and recognise that as the light ✨ enters our temple, and our heart continues to emanate more and more light – can also experience initiations.

The perfection of the divine play, is that you are a masterpiece ? and a lotus ?organically blooming/work in progress simultaneously …

Something that has been in the field lately with our sessions and our relationship …

How important it is to dissolve the serenity mask – that ultimately yes all is love ? – but sometimes it can require moments when we our in our triggers and shadow – to truly come into inner-standing … ?

To embrace our humaness and the raw emotions that we feel – no matter what they are.

This is authenticity – and once we acknowledge exactly how we feel in the moment – void of spiritual programming – do we arrive at precipice of truth and authenticity ?

Why would we honour our ego? – and continue the prolonged unnecessary suffering … ?‍♀️?‍♂️

It is so simple, so fluid ? to return to neutrality and love.

Clear communication, humility, vulnerability and authenticity is paramount.

Asking are you triggered? What emotion are you feeling right now?

I am here and absolutely present, please express how you are feeling?

I will listen without response – and just be with you ?

Do need you to release the emotion from the body through dance or shaking?

We can do this together ???‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?

Do you now see and realise that your wound – is a separation – a program – a glitch – a mind virus?

Does this align with the truth of your heart?

Breathe deeply into your heart and return … to the divine presence that you ARE!

It is truly a blessing to move through invitations with a best friend / beloved / mentor / coach etc.

To have that being who is rock solid, grounded and in neutrality to be present and reflect to you the jewel with the lotus – the wisdom and energy to help your through a trigger / initiation.

Yes our sacred union is full of magical eternal moments, nevertheless do we also learn to alchemise our wounds/triggers, from mud into the gold of the awakened heart.

The awakened heart that shares energy and it that energy exponentially grows and influences the lifestream in every eternal moment – unleashing the petals of divine grace …

Sacred union & friendship is an absolute acceleration on the path – a fluid unfolding if we are able to come back to love with humility in our hearts time and time again.

Together dancing to the tune of the heart.

Blessed journeys Beloveds

Namaste Rose Hearts

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