Align your complete Energy Field in only 33min!


Powerful, Effective & Vibrant.

◊ Ground into Mother Earth

Clear and balance your Chakras

Shake out any stiffness

Come into clarity and open your Heart

Connect to your Higher Self

The 33min Energy Alignment Journey includes:

– Short movement practice to prepare & open your Body
– Harmonization of each Chakra
– Healing & Activation commands
– Visualizations
– Integration

“Thank you  for this beautiful Energy Alignment Meditation.

It is exactly what I needed. I will listen to this every morning.
I felt the energy move and myself grounding.
It is the perfect timing for the morning.
Feeling more connected to Mother Earth and also my Crown opening…balancing.”
Kathryn Ancoff

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Visionary, Modern Mystic, Somatic & Energy Healing Expert, Soul Doula, and designer of an organic & ethical clothing line. Her work empowers Soul-led Humans to open their heart, embody divine authenticity, refine their spiritual gifts, and serve from a place of pristine alignment and energetic overflow.

After experiencing many profound inner transformations, she dedicated her lifepath in service to love. 

For almost a decade, she has been exploring the human & divine energy field, the latent power of the feminine & womb mysteries, and the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and mystical perspective.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating various plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to meditation and reawakening the inner feminine mysteries.

All to bring healing and realignment with the Divine Self and liberty from the limitations of collective and parental programs.

Asherah shares and imparts her magic through mentorship, online programs, retreats & ceremonies. 

Asherah dedicates her life to humanity’s evolution and the return to love inherent to our being.